So, in an effort to keep documented the wedding planning adventures, I have an update!

The last few weeks were a bit stressful.  I felt behind on a lot of things. Plus, I had a pretty crazy few work weeks which added some stress on to things.

However, I have made (with Dan's help of course) such big steps!

1) Photographer.  We found a photographer we're really happy with!  He had shot in the Lost River cave bfore, and his pictures there wre not that impressive at all.  However, we LOVED his other work, and the LRC pictures were from a few years ago; we are CERTAIN he's gotten so much better with time, so we're taking this jump and going to book him.  Plus, he's quite a bit under our budget, so that's excellent.

2) Band.  We found a band!! We love them, and are really excited about it.  They're more expensive than we had anticipated, but I had budgeted out significantly more than necessary for a band, so we're still coming under budget.  Man, I'm getting excited.

3) Invitations!!!!! We have figured out an invitation design we like, and I had it all done, but have to convert it into vector, and then we can send away for plates.  Which leads me to my next topic:

Letterpress.  We've decided to use a letterpress style, and instead of paying someone to do it (as its super expensive), we're doing it ourselves.

I think we might be slightly crazy, since the save the date fiasco was a bit more than we bargained for, but I really don't think so!

We were going to make our own letterpress and found designs and everything, but after much research, decided to simply just buy an embossing tool and to sort of rig a letterpress out of it.  I purchased the Cuddlebug (Dan's pissed that is what it's called), the L Letterpress starter kit (the story behind trying to track this down is a long and happy ending one), and then we're making our own plates.

I got the L Letterpress starter kit in the mail before the Cuddlebug, and decided to try it anyway.  I made myself a little card, and then stood on the letterpress folder and jumped up and down.  I did not get an impression :)

But the Cuddlebug came today and I tried it out already, and it works SO WELL!!! and its so easy! I can't believe it.

I am SO excited about our invitations and how incredible they're going ot look.


Just needed to post :)

Also!  Figured out bridesmaid dresses to, so phew!  That's a relief as well.

back to work :)

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