Dan and I went down to Bowling Green this weekend for a bridal expo. We had a great time! On the way down, we stopped at a bridal store where I tried on (without him, of course) one of the dresses I saw with mom and Kara when we were in St Louis. As soon as I saw it again, I knew it was the one!

When we got into Bowling Green, we went straight to Lost River Cave for a meeting with Katie, the woman who works there and assists with events. She was so great and stood outside in the cave with us patiently answering all our questions in the freezing cold. An outdoor wedding in the summer sounds great until you're planning it in the winter!

That night we went out to dinner with Dave, a coworker, and Ashley, his wife. We had a great time with them, and they were kind enough to show us the BG bar scene. They too were married at Lost River Cave, so we had tons to talk about

At the bridal show today, we didn't have as much luck as anticipated. I was hoping to get the big four knocked out: caterer, florist, cake, photographer. We got a lead on five photographers and think we have it narrowed down to two. We have a lead on both caterer and cake. But still not anything is finalized. Darn!

It was a great weekend, though, and it was great to spend time together. I kept getting more and more excited to be married to Dan!! Especially because he's so fun to be with, and just an incredible guy. I'm so happy this is all happening, but it's so surreal!

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