an attempt

here it is. yet another attempt at keeping up with a blog. we'll see how it goes.

there's been quite a bit of change happening lately. i'm sitting here in my boyfriend's parents' house kitchen, where a majority of our relationship played out.

they're in a midst of a move, and boxes litter the counter tops. i'm taking a look around, outside, over the lawn, and am beginning to miss easy summer days spent by the pool, in the hammock, on the back deck, enjoying the flowers, breeze, and sunsets.

it's sad to realize that this may be one of the last times i have with my boyfriend and his parents in this house. it's hard for me to let things go.

and it makes me sad to realize that calling lexington home belongs to the days of the past. i myself am in the middle of a move, though my situation is much more slow and transitory. i'm spending my days in pittsburgh, at home, while i'm searching for a job and waiting for opportunity to present itself. four fifths of my belongs stowed away in storage in kentucky, one fifth of my belongings thrown about my childhood room at home.

it's weird.. this being in transit. it's weird, this letting go and learning to anticipate the next move, literally.

but at the same time, it's freeing to have a wide open schedule. it's allowing me to understand that life is more than a job, more than bills, more than a strict schedule. i'm allowed time spent with a friend who's off her feet, literally, for weeks. it's a great thing, to have that amount of time spent with someone i care so much about. i know we'll never have this opportunity again, so i'm blessed with it.

ah, change.

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